Bare-Bones Hot Rod

Alex tsekot bb skinflames

'Forged' Skin

Bare-Bones Hotrod

Alex tsekot bb 01

Front Quarter

Alex tsekot bb 02


Alex tsekot bb 03

Rear Quarter

Alex tsekot bb 04


Alex tsekot screenshot013

Exposed Engine Bay

Alex tsekot screenshot011

Under the Hood

Alex tsekot bb engineopen

Blown V8

Alex tsekot screenshot022

Undercarriage Rear

Alex tsekot screenshot023

Undercarriage Front

Alex tsekot screenshot020

Interior 1

Alex tsekot screenshot021

Interior 2

Alex tsekot bb skinpsycho

'Psycho' Skin

Alex tsekot bb skinrust

'Ratty' Skin

This was created for a set of tutorials for modding the latest Carmageddon game (Carmageddon Max Damage). I needed something that had visible suspension as well as having both a live axle and a double wishbone suspension setup (to cover the basics for the tutorial)

This is my first model fully textured using Substance Painter 2 and Substance Designer and learning both has been really fun!

Shapes and color scheme inspired by the hot rod from the Burnout series.

Rendered in the Marmoset Toolbag 3 beta.

Thank you for checking out my project!