GTA 2 - Rumbler

The Rumbler from Grand Theft Auto 2. One of the more unusual looking vehicles and one I haven't see anyone else attempt to re-create in 3D. The early sprites by Ray Larabie suggest that the original vision for GTA 2 had a lot more retro looking cars, so thats why I chose his sprites to guide the 3D model along. This is not supposed to be an exact match to the sprite but more of what I feel the games cars would look like in 3D.

I attempted to re-create a GTA 2 sprite in 3D, lets just say it didn't turn out so well even though I was quite proud of it at the time. Here I am 4 years later testing my skills once again and seeing my own improvement. I haven't done much production quality stuff for a very long time so adopting a new workflow and mindset was a pretty big challenge but it was worth it.

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