GTA 2 - Rumbler

My own rendition of the Rumbler from Grand Theft Auto 2, now with stripes!. This one is again loosely based on Ray Larabies early unused sprite work for the game. This time around the brief that eventually emerged from this design was 'what would a muscle car look like if it was designed in the 30s instead of the 60s' and so I ran with it.

This is actually my third attempt at recreating this car, the first of which happened about 8 years ago now. If you want to check out my previous attempt, scroll down into the old work section of my artstation page.

No copyright infringement intended, I am not affiliated with Rockstar Games.

Special thanks to Luis Lara for providing such affordable and clean blender scenes, I used his Mustang blender scene as a template and modified it to my linking.