Eagle MK IV - Breakdown

Alex tsekot 01 race seat

Racing seat - carbon reinforced with removable halo guards.

Alex tsekot 03 fire system

Fire system

Alex tsekot 05 pedals

Pedal Box

Alex tsekot 04 nos

N2O System

Alex tsekot 06 energy cell

Power Cell - The Eagle IV isn't a hybrid, but my idea was that the powerup system in Carmageddon needs a pretty decent amount of stored energy.

Alex tsekot 08 accessories

Various fluid containers and electronics accessories

Alex tsekot 14 radiator


Alex tsekot 02 wheel

Rim and Tyre

Alex tsekot 07 diff

Quick change rear end/differential

Alex tsekot 12 running gear top

Running Gear (quarter)

Alex tsekot 10 subframe front

Front subframe, engine, and gearbox

Alex tsekot 09 subframe rear

Rear subframe and suspension

Alex tsekot 11 running gear

Running gear (top) - Enclosed driveshaft

Alex tsekot 15 suspension parts

Suspension Bits

Alex tsekot 16 suspension break

Suspension Bits

Alex tsekot 13 chassis 01

Main chassis - Easily removable front and rear subframe to drop the engine and gearbox as well as the differential, power cell, and access to the rear radiator. Tiling textures and decals using Toolbag and a custom blend shader.

Alex tsekot 17 ui elements

Interior UI elements

Alex tsekot 18 logos

Various fictional OEM and aftermarket manufacturer logos

Eagle MK IV Main Project Here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lV91oO
WIP Art Dump : https://imgur.com/gallery/Ituz49N
Individual renders of the various pieces of the vehicle. All of these except for the main chassis are uniquely textured.
All shots rendered in Toolbag 3, with post work in PS.