Red Tech Eagle

Alex tsekot fq

Front Quarter

Alex tsekot rq

Rear Quarter

Alex tsekot front


Alex tsekot engine


Alex tsekot exposed

Exposed Underbody

Alex tsekot underbody 02


Alex tsekot front suspension

Front Suspension

Alex tsekot underbody 01

Underbody w/o wheels

Alex tsekot interior 01

Interior 01

Alex tsekot interior 02

Interior 02

Alex tsekot screenshot000

Wireframe 01

Alex tsekot screenshot001

Wireframe 02

Alex tsekot screenshot003

Wireframe Interior

Red Tech Eagle Turntable

Alex tsekot preview image by bloodstability db2p5c6

In-Game Screenshot 01

Alex tsekot 2015 11 02 00002

In-Game Screenshot 02

Alex tsekot 2015 11 02 00001

In-Game Screenshot 03

My own interpretation of the renowned Eagle from the Carmageddon series of games. This car was created as a mod for the 2015 reboot titled Carmageddon:Reincarnation. Other than the way the in-game vehicles are constructed I didn't really have a limit on texture sizes/polycount however I did try and keep it to a reasonable amount. The car has many detachables as well as a fully modeled drivetrain/suspension parts.