Eagle IV - Carmageddon

Alex tsekot alpha eagle fq s

Front Quarter

Alex tsekot alpha eagle front s


Alex tsekot alpha eagle rear s


Alex tsekot alpha eagle rq s

Rear Quarter

Alex tsekot 20170420234551 1

In-Engine Shot

Alex tsekot 20170420235003 1

In-Engine Shot

Alex tsekot 20170421103711 1

In-Engine Shot

Alex tsekot 20170421103848 1

In-Engine Shot

Alex tsekot 20170421104056 1

In-Engine Shot

Very early Eagle made for Carmageddon Reincarnation that was cut before the pre-alpha was even released. Aside from a few fixes and tweaks on my end its the original model as I received it from Stainless. This is meant to be a restoration of the original vehicle as it may have appeared in-game.

Big thanks to Nobby (Neil Barnden) from Stainless Games for sending me with the original model, and to the Stainless team for fishing the mesh out of mothballs for me!

If you play Max Damage you can this and the rest of my mods here : http://www.carmageddon.com/forum/topic/27579

I believe this particular Eagle is based on this early concept piece by Doug Telford : http://rr2000.toshiba-3.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=6400&fullsize=1
Also check out the rest portfolio : http://dougtelford.wixsite.com/doug-telford/concept-art

Model created by : Stainless Games
Extra UV mapping, tweaking, textures, and in-game rigging, by me AlexTSK