Police Suppressor APC

Alex tsekot suppressor front

Front Quarter

Alex tsekot suppressor rear

Rear Quarter

Alex tsekot suppressor top


Alex tsekot suppressor under


Alex tsekot suppressor underbody

Running Gear

Alex tsekot suppressor underbody high

Running Gear Highpoly

Alex tsekot suppressor underbody bakestamps

Running Gear Baked

Alex tsekot texture presentation

Body Textures

Aptly christened, The Suppressor line of APC's were created primarily for riot control but their toughness and reliability has seen them repurposed as rolling roadblocks used in shutting down Carmageddon events. This is one such example and one of the original models still in service. Deployed only when absolutely necessary The Suppressor gets the job done - every time.

Carmageddon Max Damage is missing the original 6 wheeled Suppressor and so I decided to create one using the original concept art as a loose inspiration and and a design-as-I-go philosophy. The aim here also was to avoid baking down the larger shapes and so I used a mid-poly workflow for the main body and the usual high to low workflow for the smaller pieces.

Brick material created while following Joshua Lynch and his gumroad tutorial (Herringbone Brick) which you can find here : https://gumroad.com/artofjoshlynch