Beware of Bullshit

General / 04 May 2020

I was recently tipped off that one of my products has been reuploaded on some shitty website called Desire FX. Not only that, but I'm seeing a lot of other creators products on there that are clearly ripped off from the Artstation store.

MY PRODUCTS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ON ARTSTATION AND GUMROAD STORES. If you see them anywhere else, its just a reupload, in this case trying to profit for doing nothing.

If you are a fellow creator and you find your product on that site inform your customers and followers at the very least. And If you use that site just know that you are not buying from me and you are helping support some scumfuck thief.

And if you're not a paying customer then for the love of god just find the product on a torrent site for free instead of paying some asshole trying to profit from other people's work.

PS : They even have the nerve to put their watermark on the images and can't be bothered to remove the artstation or gumroad logos...